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Jamie L Gloor is an experienced, international researcher, educator and mentor. She is American born but currently resides in Zurich, Switzerland. Her research interests focus on individual and organizational health, including publications on diversity and leadership and research experience at prestigious universities across four different continents. 

Publications & Research

All too often well-intending workers, leaders, physicians, and organizations overlook or implement measures that backfire for those they ostensibly aim to help. I study these “misguided good intentions” in the contexts of leadership and diversity while developing and testing evidence-informed solutions (e.g., individual strategies such as humor and sports; organizational strategies such as team design, parental leave policy and implementation; digital strategies and technologies). My methods include lab- and field-based experiments and field surveys (i.e., multiple sources, over time), but my recent research on the “future of work” increasingly includes archival data (e.g., social media data mining).

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Book Chapters + Other Contributions

Junker, N., Hernandez Bark, A., & Gloor, J. L. (forthcoming). Left out of the game? Disentangling career-relevant stereotypes and realities of gender and parenthood. In M. Karanika-Murray & C. Cooper (Eds.) Navigating the return-to-work experience for new parents: Maintaining work-family well-being. Routledge.

Gloor, J. L., Gazdag, B., & Reinwald, M. (forthcoming). Overlooked or undercooked? Critical review and recommendations for experimental methods in diversity research. In A. Risberg, S. Just, & F. Villeseche (Eds.) Routledge Companion to Organizational Diversity Research Methods. Routledge.

Gloor, J. L., Krueger, M., & Pircher Verdofer, A. (2018). Führung mit Fürsorge: Eine qualitative Studie zu Erwartungen von Nachwuchskräften an Führungskräfte (Leaders who care: A qualitative study of junior staffs’ leadership expectations). Personal in Hochschule und Wissenschaft entwickeln. 

Gloor, J. L. (2016). The labyrinth of leadership: Female, family, and career considerations. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland.

Gloor, J. L. (2016). Wechsle die Spielregeln, nicht die Spielerin! (Fix the Game, not the Players). HR Today: das Schweizer Human Resource Management-Journal.

Gloor, J. L. (2015). Allen Widrigkeiten zum Trotz: Frauen über dem Glasdach (Against all odds: Women over the glass ceiling).
HR Today: das Schweizer Human Resource Management-Journal.

Aulich, E. M., Arnold, A., Gloor, J. L., & Staffelbach, B. (Eds.). (2015). Workplace stressors and buffers: An international comparison. Zurich: Chair in Human Resource Management.

Gloor, J. L. (2014). Das Imageproblem berufstätiger Mütter (The Image Problem of Working Mothers). HR Today: das Schweizer Human Resource Management-Journal.

Puhl, R. M., & Peterson, J. L. (2013). Obesity Stigma. In P. Corrigan (Ed). The Stigma of Disease and Disability. American Psychological Association. 312 pp. ISBN: 1433815834

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Glamour. (2012, May). Weight stereotyping: The secret way people are judging you based on your body.

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